Breakdowns and breakthroughs

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time travelling the country speaking at networking events about my journey in business lately.  It took me a while to think about what on earth I could talk about, and I settled on giving a bit of a background on me and the rather eventful ride it’s been.  This was either going to be a genius concept or a total train wreck.  I mean we’re talking about someone who previously would have palpitations at the thought of saying their name on a roll call on a conference call, and now here I was about to bare my soul to rooms full of people I’ve never met before.

All in all, though, it’s been really well received.  I’ve been brutally honest and shared all of the utterly shit bits.  The mistakes, the personal adversity, the genius plans that turned out to be stupid, the triumphs, the sighs of relief and the total fist-pump moments,

I reflect on my corporate career and how I always felt so under pressure to be perfect, to never show any sign of weakness to my team in case they failed to take me seriously and I ended up with a bunch of rioting hooligans on my hands.  (For the record, this never happened, despite my more-open-than-most approach).

Being real helps in business more than I can possibly say.  More so in network marketing than anywhere else.  If I’m building a team, I need them to see that they can do what I’m doing.  That whatever mess they’re in or have been through, they can be successful too.  If they see perfect, they’re never going to believe it’s attainable.  If they see real, they know they can do it too.  That’s what being duplicatable is all about.

I won’t share exactly what I’ve been sharing at these events, because I’m actually telling my story live on Saturday 31st March at 8.30am here.

What I will say, though, is that despite the number of breakdowns I’ve been through, at the other side is always a total breakthrough.  It sounds so cliché, but the way it’s all panned out it really would seem that the moment you feel close to rock bottom it means you’re right on the verge of something truly brilliant.

It’s exactly like Jim Rohn said:

“Life and business are like the changing seasons. That’s one of the best ways to illustrate life: it’s like the seasons that change. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself.

Learn how to handle the winters. They come regularly, right after autumn. Some are long, some are short, some are difficult, some are easy, but they always come right after autumn. That is never going to change.

There are all kinds of winters–the “winter” when you can’t figure it out, the “winter” when everything seems to go haywire. One writer called it “the winter of discontent.” There are economic winters, social winters, personal winters when your heart is smashed into a thousand pieces. Wintertime brings disappointment, and disappointment is common to all of us. So learn how to handle the winters.

You must learn how to handle the nights; they come right after days. You must learn how to handle difficulty; it always comes after opportunity. You must learn to handle recessions; they come right after expansions. That isn’t going to change.

The big question is, what do you do about winters? You can’t get rid of January simply by tearing it off the calendar. But here is what you can do: you can get stronger; you can get wiser; and you can get better. Make a note of that trio of words: stronger, wiser, better. The winters won’t change, but you can.

Before I understood this, I used to wish it were summer when it was winter. When things were difficult, I used to wish they were easy. I didn’t know any better. Then Mr. Shoaff gave me the answer from a part of his very unique philosophy when he said, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

Learn how to take advantage of the spring. Spring is opportunity. And spring always follows winter.

What a great place for spring–right after winter. If you were going to put it somewhere, that would be the place to put it.

Days follow nights. Opportunity follows difficulty. Expansion follows recession. And this all happens with regularity. You can count on it.

However, the mere arrival of spring is no sign that things are going to look good in the fall. You must do something with the spring. In fact, everyone has to get good at one of two things: planting in the spring or begging in the fall. So take advantage of the day, take advantage of the opportunity, and read every book you can get your hands on to learn how to take advantage of the spring.

Get busy quickly on your springs, your opportunities. There are just a handful of springs that have been handed to each of us. Life is brief, even at its longest. Whatever you are going to do with your life, get at it. Don’t just let the seasons pass by.”

Whether it’s life or business: if you’re at breakdown point, here’s to your breakthrough being right around the corner.

Big love, Lx



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